Full Version: [INFO] Game Rule #14 - Unfair Player PK
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Unfair Player PKĀ 

Under this clause, if a player kills you when your are attacking a monster or during boss hunt, you may screen shot the statement "You were killed by ____"

[Image: ditDLSw.png]

Please take note that we need to verify if the said player really killed you during boss hunt so we need the whole unedited picture, just make sure to show us the green message.

Only those that were PK'd during boss hunt ang ipupunish namin, yung PK for fun hindi po namin papansinin.

Once a player is caught guilty, his punishment would be:
1st offense - 3 days ban
2nd offense - 1 week ban
3rd Offense - permanent ban

If you have questions, you may ask them here.