(SoTA) Scroll of Transfer Awakening
What is SoTA? - Scroll that is require if you want to transfer awakes of any item.

How to use SoTA?

Go to NPC Peach > Transfer Awakening Menu.

1) Max number of awakes is x3 (You can not transfer 2x awakes to an item that has 2x awakes already.)

 If Awakes are normal or non-SoFA, You can only transfer awakes from:
 Armor to Fashion(Helm/Suit/Gloves/Boots)
 Weapon to Fashion(Helm/Suit/Gloves/Boots)
 Shield to Fashion(Helm/Suit/Gloves/Boots)
 Raised Pet/Perfect Pet to Fashion(Helm/Suit/Gloves/Boots)
 Armor to Armor or Vice versa
 Armor to Weapon or Vice versa
 Armor to Shield or Vice versa
 Armor to Raised Pet/ Perfect Pet
 Shield to Raised Pet/ Perfect Pet
 Weapon to Raised Pet/ Perfect Pet
 Hairband to Fashion (Helm)
 Fashion(Helm/Suit/Gloves/Boots) to Cloak/Wing
 Fashion(Helm/Suit/Gloves/Boots) to Looter Pet
 Looter Pet to Mask
 Looter Pet to Looter Pet

2) How much SOTA is?
 NPC Yodub = 400 DMP (Death Match Points)
 Donate Shop = 50 Php for 1.

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