Farm Spots and Drops
Azria Monsters
Drop: Red Chips / Penya (High rate)

Dark Traseia Monsters
Drop: Red Chips / Penya (High rate)

Chief Keokuk
Map: Eillun Grassland
Drop: Scroll of Fixed Awakening

Basilisk of The Great Maw
Map: Bahara Desert
Drop: Scroll of Fixed Awakening

Great Tuko
Map: Saint Morning
Drop: Mickey Parts (M/F)

Map: Catacombs of Anguish, Valley of Risen
Drop: Chaos Hunt Parts (M/F)

Map: Ankou's Asylum, Eillun Grassland
Drops: Behe Weapons

GuanYu Heavy Blade
Map: Traseia
Drop: Wise Dragon Parts

La Christiana Boss
Map: La Christiana
Drop: Mastercraft weapons

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