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  * Scamming, Hacking, Identity theft

      * If proven guilty, with evidence /proof, Accused will be punished immediately.
    1st Offense - /ban

  * Player VS GM Relationship

    1st Offense - /ban and /ipban permanently
    Example: 1. Malakas kapit ni player1 kay GM ganito 2. Si GM si player2 yan.3. Kapatid ko si GM. 4. Kilala ko si GM. 5. GM ata si player2 6. GM yan si player1

      * Any player caught bad mouthing any GM/s will receive a punishment of: 
    1st Offense - /ban
    There are no warnings to this offense, immediate actions will be done.

      * Any player caught bad mouthing the server will receive a punishment of:
    1st Offense - Forever ban
    There are no warnings to this offense, immediate actions will be done. 

  * PVP Disagreements

      * We know that disagreements cannot be avoided but bringing the disagreements in the game to real life is overboard.
    Post under Help Section if other players will threaten you about something related to real life.
    There are no warnings to this offense, immediate actions will be done. 
    This isn't F4s anymore so don't compare how we handle things and how they used to handle the server.
    1st Offense: /mute
    2nd Offense: /ban
      * Same goes to other server advertisements, Advertising other servers is prohibited.
    1st Offense: /mute
    2nd Offense: /ban
      * Players using vulgar or malicious words or nambabastos ng babae maski lalaki will recieve the following punishments:
    1st offense: /mute
      * 2nd offense: /ban

  * Event Island Ticket Selling

      * Dear old players, as of this moment we are prohibiting you from selling Event Island Tickets (not Dark Traseia Island Tickets) to other players so that some of them will donate to the server.
    Once caught, will result to 1 month ban

  * Selling or Trading Game Accounts

      * Selling or trading Game Accounts or Characters is prohibited.
    There are no warnings to this offense, once proven guilty will result to /ban

  * Flyff PH trusted Sellers List

      * The only players allowed to sell via LOAD or PHP are those that are included in the Flyff PH Trusted Sellers List.
      * Reson for this, there are multiple instances that players that are not in the Trusted Sellers List sell their items via Real World Currency and tend to scam other players. We are strict in implementing the punishment for this offense because this has happened multiple times already.
      * Any form of transaction involving real world currency including but not exempt to mobile load and virtual money will result to a punishable offense. Only the names mentioned in the list are legally allowed to do such transaction
      * Players who will be selling, shouting or vending trading to load or PHP that are not on the list will result to:
    1st Offense - immediate permanent ban(This clause includes the buyer, so the buyer who bought from the seller who is not included in the TS list will also be banned)

  * Trading Flyff PH Items to Other Game or Server items

      * Trading other game or server items to FLyff PH Items are prohibited, because there is a high possibility for a certain player involved in this kind of transactions to be scammed.
      * Breaking this rule will result to:
    1st Offense - /ban

  * Misleading /false accusations or rumors

      * If you are in doubt of something, ask first. Don't ever accuse a player immediately of something you know may affect the server. Accusing without solid proof is under this clause
    1st Offense - 3 weeks /ban
    2nd Offense - 1 month /ban
    3rd Offense - IP ban

  * SOFA (Scroll of Fixed Awakening) to DMP (Death Match Points) and vice versa

      * For trading SOFA Scrolls to DMP there will be a minimum amount whic you are allowed to sell your SOFA to DMP
      * SOFA HP+300% ADOCH+300%, Increased Attack+300%, IDM+300% (Minimum Price 600 DMP)
      * SOFA STA+511, STR+511. INT+511, DEX+511 (Minimum Price 500 DMP)
      * SOFA not mentioned within this rule is not included in the minimum price range
      * Not following this rule will result to:

        * First Offense - 1 week ban
        * Second Offense - 30 Days Ban

  * SOFA = SOTA Trading

      * 3pcs. SOFA= minimum of 4pcs. SOTA
      * Items with x3 SOFA awakes = minimum of 3pcs. SOTA
      * Not following this rule will result to:

        * First Offense - 1 week ban
        * Second Offense - 30 days Ban

  *  Bug Users

      * Bug users may be banned if there are sufficient proof of using bugs or third party apps or programs and will be punished for permanent ban
      * Bug users may be banned if a GM caught you red handed of using a bug so please be careful. Once caught red handed there will be no space for excuses and will be punished for permanent ban

  *  Destroying the reputation of the Server

      * Destroying the reputation of the server whether on Social Networking Sites or anywhere, will immediately result to automatic permanent ban to all known accounts or characters related to the accused character. 

  *  Advertising another server or game

      * If you advertise another server/game or shout in the game that you are playing or will be playing at ____ server/game, punishment will be 1 month ban.

  *  Unfair Player PK

      * For details regarding this rule, CLICK HERE

Note: Players responsible of reporting any said incident mentioned above will receive 30DMP per valid report.         
These rules may be changed without prior notice.
Important : Players with the same IP Address breaking the rules more than 3 times will result to /ipban and all character ban if possible